Face to Face Ancestral Eye-Time Presentation, (Booking minimum for groups)

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This is where the magic of you is revealed in a one hour Face to Face Irigenics Reading. Available from Richmond VA! Click the “Contact me” button at the bottom of the page to get started!

Disclaimer – Disclaimer: Irigenics is for motivational and genealogical exploration purposes only. – At no time will Irigenics attempt to provide medical or mental health therapy. You affirm that it’s appropriate for you/or your group, and does not conflict with existing medical or psychiatric treatment. Always follow the advice of your doctor or other professional medical practitioner. The reader and viewer assumes all risks from the use, non-use, or misuse of this information.


From Richmond, Virginia… If you are interested in booking an Irigenics presentation for your group, to discover the amazing world of your ancestors as revealed in your eyes, contact me today! Ancestral imprints, energy dynamics, inherent gifts and talents are some of the amazing world of your ancestors that we will be exploring!

Customize your amazing, group experience of Ancestral Eye Reading by contacting me today!

Many options are available, such as taking photos for the entire group or doing mini 5-10 minute readings for your event (Sneak Peeks).

(Fee includes up to a two-hour presentation) and any photos which can be captured during that time. It is suggested to have one member of the group arrive early to have their photos taken as part of the presentation.

**This price reflects a booking minimum (+travel expense) and must be paid at the time of booking. If reading orders surpass the minimum, it will be refunded to the host/ess (organization). Bookings within 4.5 hours of Richmond, VA will only involve driving travel expense (no overnight fees will be incurred). Please contact me directly if you are interested in booking a group event.

1 review for Face to Face Ancestral Eye-Time Presentation, (Booking minimum for groups)

  1. Maddie Boehnlein

    My Face to Face Eye Time reading was an incredibly influential experience. Amy made ancestral connections to my present life that I could have never come across on my own– shining light on traits that have run down my family line for generations. She confirmed suspicions I’ve had about myself my entire life. What is incredible about the eye reading is that she points out conflicts you may be experiencing, and gives you the tools on how to overcome them in a warm, judgement-free space. A truly comforting and introspective time.

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