The presence of the brown spots that look like freckles, indicates a person who is more logistical than emotional. These people think things through from every angle. They are sensitive to criticism, as they have already thought things through before you made any “suggestions.” They take information in visually and need to see something in order to understand it. They don’t like to be controlled and want their freedom.

The second eye pattern type is the analytical or Perfectionist type. Whenever there is a presence of mostly dark spots that look like freckles, this is considered to be a perfectionist, thinking type. In this case, the background, connected texture, makes this eye a Connected-thinking Type. Born to analyze, assess, and perfect – do not question them.
Their hips tend to be relatively broad and have a flatter posterior than their opposite, the “Performer.” They tend to keep their deep emotions to themselves. This eye pattern likes to control themselves and even sometimes others around them. They need to be heard, whereas the performer needs to be seen/acknowledged.
These brown spots tend to form between 2 years of age and 20 years of age. The people with these marks were “made,” not born.
When starting a project, they like to think it through, before ‘doing.” They may take a long time to make a decision, but once it is made, don’t try to sway them. They make fabulous scientists, teachers, leaders, and critics.
Sometimes they have cold extremities as so much of their energy is being used mentally. They look to the performers to listen to them, to provide them with a release. The Performers look to the Thinkers to see them, since the thinkers are primarily visual.
They tend to have challenges with Dad or father figures in childhood. Only about 10% of people have the true perfectionist pattern. They are gifted at leadership and attention to detail. They tend to have a sharper bone structure in their face and often have cold hands. They usually sleep on their left side with their partner to their right. If they are stressed, they can be anxious, frustrated, and avoiding.
They tend to experience emotions through physical feeling more than through intimate or emotional discussion. It’s safer for them. When they say, “I feel” it is usually followed by a physical sensation, more-so than an emotional one. “I feel relaxed” is more of a physical state of being as opposed to “I feel happy, which is more of a direct emotional comment.
They are gifted and concise verbal communicators, using 8 words to say what would take a performer 20 words.
When they are self-assured and confident on a topic, they are eloquent speakers and give everyone a feeling of safety and grounded-ness. It’s easy to feel like everything is under control when a perfectionist/thinking type is in the room.
Gifted analysts who can report what they see in a concise and unemotional manner is a gift that can be used in many careers.

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