Ancestral Eye Reading

with Amy Gillespie Dougherty

Discover, celebrate & understand ancestral influences in your life

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What Is Ancestral Eye Reading?

Magnifying your ancestral treasure map and the life you were born to live

Your eyes are the most sacred map of who you are. Like cutting through the trunk of the tree, you can see the many years and conditions it took to make you… beautiful you…  your ancestors’ stories, from good to challenging are in there.

When you can understand how some of the dynamics of your life are actually just a part of your epigenetic and familial inheritance, you can let go of blame and guilt, and start living your very best life.

Using photos of your eyes, we analyze what the markings tell about you: your gifts and talents, epigenetic patterns from your ancestors, core beliefs, traumas, your “best partner,” peak career choices, and your personal energy pattern.

Often ancestral images (energetic impressions) appear in the eyes, showing you those who have honed your skills for generations; to express now, through you.

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About Amy

Amy Gillespie Dougherty created Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading as a survival skill for at-risk youth, adoptees, and autistic individuals who were struggling with self-esteem and suicidal patterns.

Now she teaches holistic entrepreneurs this unique tool, to go from being one of many to being THE ONE who can guide their clients to unravel the ancestral aspects of their story. 

Author of Six Years in Mozambique, a personal memoir, and the Lost Scribe, a thrilling fictional adventure mystery with ancient worlds and forgotten artifacts, Amy is currently collaborating with 25 healers and holistic experts on her next book, due out this year.

Amy Gillespie Dougherty Author

What People Are Saying


“Thank you so much Amy – great reading and so true.  You are totally amazing and I am in awe of what you can see in my eyes.

Can you see the reflection of a woman in my eyes? I believe it’s my great grandmother”



Oh, Wow – that’s my great-grandfather. He’s been on my mind… He’s the ancestor I feel the closest to and I was just past the place where he was killed last night. How did he show up in my eye?



Thanks so much! Meeting you and having our ancestral eye readings was definitely one of the highlights of being at INATS this year! You’re doing amazing work!
Annette & Lorri

INATS, Denver

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