When there is a bold presence of both fiber separations (trademark of the performer/emotional type) together with the brown freckles (trademark of the perfectionist/thinking type), you have the Maverick. The Maverick eye pattern is here to change things and shake things up. If there are a significantly higher number of fiber separations they are more emotionally charged and geared for passionate change, including grand body language gestures. Needing constant stimulation and change, they will study many systems in life and take the gemstone of each one, moving on quickly to the next and the next.

The Maverick is the third of the four eye pattern types. That is because the Performer (which is a creative type and who mainly operate from their right brain) and the Perfectionists (which is a thinking type and who mainly operate from their left brain) are the main eye patterns. The Maverick and the Intuitive are eye patterns that have experienced a change or modification to become a more pronounced personality. 

The Performing Maverick can jump from topic to topic and scene to scene in life, leaving their friends and family wondering what in the world just happened as this whirling dervish just raced through another phase of their life, (another act in the play they call their life). Vibrant and passionate, they are fun to be around and incredible to spend time with, if not exhausting for the rest of us. With the presence of the freckles, they love systems, networks, and visual displays. They become dynamic communicators who are demonstrative and charismatic.
When there are a greater number of the freckles/spots, making them more of a thinking/perfectionist “Maverick.” They have a need for constant mental stimulation. Laying out the grid and steps to complete their goal, they are amazing CEO’s and business owners. They do not like to take direction or criticism. They want to create new things and have the mental capacity and creativity to make amazing changes in society and processes.
With the presence of the fiber separations of the performer, they become more creative and artistic, able to invent amazing new products and processes.
Sometimes they become so driven and such workaholics, they tend to ignore their body. They will be surprised to find they have a bloody nose or a bruise on their body with no memory of how or when it happened.
Masterful CEO’s and business people, their task is to stay focused. It’s easy for either type of maverick to jump from topic to topic, interest to interest; scattering their energy to the wind and burning themselves out.
This is the eye structure of the true revolutionary, wanting to smash down old systems that no longer serve us. These people are incredibly gifted at future vision and are often not recognized for their brilliance until many years later (think of Tesla). They can reach and achieve well beyond what is currently possible in the world. They are not afraid of anything, except being trapped or cornered or labeled. They pursue freedom with passion and motivation, with the ability to eloquently explain their new visions to the world.

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