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THE LOST SCRIBE ~ Forgotten Channel of the Ancients


Dive into the first of the MCO Fiction Adventure Series

Her grandmother’s last words had cautioned her, “Hold the visions close to your heart, like a great secret. Not everyone will understand your gift.”

She couldn’t imagine those visions, messages, and memories would hold the keys to a long-ago forgotten room within the pyramid of El Castillo.

A chance invitation to a weekend wedding at an all-inclusive resort, takes a surreal twist when Maddie Clare suddenly finds herself thrust into the middle of the Illumination Station, in the land of Maya mystery.

The Lost Scribe will take you on the journey of a lifetime, unraveling the clues of ancient worlds, forgotten artifacts, and how the universe holds all secrets within her memory banks, including the answer to the age-old question, “Why am I here?”

Six Years in Mozambique: Things I Haven't Told Mom


As a 38-year old woman who had never traveled abroad or even learned a foreign language, Amy Gillespie beat the odds. Working on the ground in Mozambique, Africa, she started a nonprofit with $150 and the idea that all children deserve the right to keep themselves and their siblings alive.

Now, nearly four years after her arrival in Mozambique, Amy Gillespie tells the full story of her experience answering a divine call. She reveals the secret that much of her mission and her success were guided by mysterious messages, chance encounters, and nebulous symbols.

She describes how an old-school farm-approach was often the most effective. She speaks of her own lack of preparedness and failures, and how ultimately, her lack of experience and education became her greatest gift.

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