Eye-Group and Eye-Events 

Booking an All Ancestral Event, including Sneak Peeks & More!

In charge of the class reunion? family reunion or other upcoming event? Irigenics is a great answer in a small group setting or as part of a larger event. There’s a world of possibilities when you bring people together with a macro camera. Eye-Group has been used at Boys and Girls Club, extension classes for teens, youth group programs and family reunions. Be the next amazing Eye-Group experience for your friends, colleagues, or students! Check the events page for upcoming metaphysical fairs, holistic events and psychic fairs. 

Educators, counselors, civic groups

Irigenics has been used in programs at Boys and Girls Club, Women’s Correctional Facilities, and in social worker-client settings with great success. If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your at-risk group; or a presentation on how to change the trajectory of your current life, options are available through Irigenics and through our non-profit, CLARA (Children’s Lives are the Responsibility of All). If you’re working in child-placement and looking for some unique insight into the world of the kids you are placing, click the contact me button.

 Eye-Group & Eye-Night Events


Have a social group that meets weekly and looking for a new angle? Irigenics can be a fun and dynamic evening program by taking a quick snapshot of everyone’s eyes and getting them up on the projected screen and doing a light evening presentation for fun and insights. Wow your group with hosting an Irigenics Evening or to attract more people to your weekly evening event.

2X Event

Want to get more from your Eye-Night? Book a two-night event, where the eye photos are taken the first night, in a mini-evening presentation of Irigenics. The second night includes a 10 – 15 minute read on each participant’s eyes, depending on the size of your group. Ideal for groups that meet weekly, all year long who are looking to do something new and exciting!

Eye Youth

Irigenics makes a great skills-exploration program for kids. It can be combined with standardized tests such as the Strengthsfinder 2.0 or used on it’s own to assess life-skills for kids. Kids learn how to manage their fears, their energy and to recognize their inherent skills to make a great career choice from their first career choice. Contact Info@Irigenics.com to learn more about a dynamic program for kids.

Eye Reunion

Family reunions are a perfect match for an Irigenics event. It’s a fabulous opportunity to bring in the stories of your ancestors and then matching the patterns to the eyes. Trans-generational patterns often show up as very dark rectangular markings in the eye and can tell an entire novella of relatives, whose stories have been lost or forgotten.