When it comes to love, your eyes can be a great tool for determining your soul mate. Because we live in a universe where wholeness attracts, the more variant the eye pattern, the more spark, attraction, and fire – be it good or challenging. Of course, you can choose any kind of relationship you like, but the more similar the eye-pattern, the more similar the personalities (and sometimes a bit less spark). Therefore, if the eye below is attractive for you, it’s probably a good match for you. The amount of attraction you feel about it, would determine what kind of relationship it will be; best friends, wild lovers, or great supporters –

Keep in mind, we are assuming on each of these eye patterns that they are living their true personality – sometimes people make some shifts in their early years and that’s when relationships get more complicated. As we review eye patterns this month – I’ll try to use thee color variations to help you compare to your own eyes rather than calling them eyes 1-2-3 –

The eye below has the streamier texture, which adds a bit more Puttin’ on the Ritz to your love-life. Happy to dress up or dress down, they not only will play the chameleon in your life, they’ll add a bit of flair to it.

The Connected Performer

This eye is characterized by primarily open flower-like fibers (lacuna)

  • Absence of freckles or brown spots
  • TIght weave of the white fibers (meaning their passion is usually reined in – unless they decide to let their hair down & they may have a bit of fear of letting Pandora out of the box)
  • Sometimes can have the achievement rings – that look like scratch marks to the outside
  • Personality can be very creative – and very emotional
  • Ability to change personalities to suit the mood
  • Great enablers – they have an inherent “knowing” of your needs and will meet them without you asking them (even to their own detriment and energy drain).
  • The tightly woven fibers give them a bit more physical prowess

Now you can run and look in the mirror, or grab your iPhone – but be sure to visit the freebie page at https://irigenics.com/project/freebies/ to take your eye-selfie now so you can compare.

If the eye above is looking for the wildly passionate relationship, I would pair them up with these qualities…

  • The Maverick

    Lots more of the brown freckles

  • In a brown eye, they may be the brown spots or they could be diamond-like openings
  • Ring of compassion – the spots at the edge of the eye that look like white Christmas lights

On the positive – this eye pattern match is:

  • Going to feed their need to be seen and heard
  • A battery charge — bring out their inner passions – activates their energy
  • Going to bring more physical aspect to their relationship – be that dancing, sexual, or just more physical activity
  • Help them step out of their emotional peaks and valleys by talking them through situations from a more analyical perspective

On the Challenging side:

  • They want to be careful they don’t get energized to the point of being exhausted – they might need to take a break now and again (This would not be a good pairing if either person has tendencies towards jealousy)
  • When passion is fired up it can be really great – or really fiery – If they get into a fight it could be quite explosive (especially since our blue eye at the top could be likely to hold back feelings due to the tight weave)
  • Sometimes the blue eye could feel like a person with so many freckles isn’t honoring or respecting their emotional feelings because the brown spots tend to bring out an analytical side

For both of the above eyes – they can have a tendency to want to be mad when they want to be mad – or sad when they want to be sad so because they both have the wiry fiber and openings – so they can get on an emotional “strike” when they want to together. The thing I like about the pairing above is that the second eye has the ring of compassion, so they will be a bit more considerate of the blue eye’s feelings than an individual that doesn’t have that characteristic.

The analytical performer

Strong deep love – the quieter relationship:

  • Still a thinking type (at least a few freckles or deeper texture
  • This eye pattern is a little quieter disposition – You’d be as likely to find these two at a library studying as you would be tearing up the town
  • They both have achievement rings – and the blue eye could bring out more drive in this eye, if they were working on a common goal
  • They are likely to bring out a playful aspect in each other – as they both have internal passion (the tighter weave and depth) but together they are like two negatives make a positive) – they are likely to light each other up
  • The deeper color, texture, and pattern of this eye is more likely to keep our blue eye a bit calmer and steadier.

At the same time, the blue eye may feel ignored if the brown eye here is busy studying, thinking, or working on something. Also, if this eye is busy concentrating, they may be slightly annoyed by the blue eyes need to be seen or helping. Again, healthy breaks – one goes to the gym, another goes to get their hair cut, etc. can be a good thing.

The rings of achievement together with the woven fiber would make both of them pretty susceptible to spending too much time in their internal world (be that thinking or feeling) – it would be good for them to have some common dreams – visions as well as some goals so they don’t get caught in fantasy land or a rut of staying at home and watching tv video gaming, while ignoring the more vibrant, physical possibilities of their life in a relationship.

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