When the Maverick eye pattern shows up – things get a little more complicated. Because we live in a universe where wholeness attracts, the more variant the eye pattern, the more spark, attraction, and fire – be it good or challenging. So what happens when your own eye is variant all by itself?”

Of course, you can choose any kind of relationship you like, but the more similar the eye-pattern, the more similar the personalities (and sometimes a bit less spark, unless you have a maverick eye pattern with sparks flashing everywhere). The eye below would never look this way when you meet him face to face – this is the beauty of a macro photograph, which you can easily get from the newer smart phones. Now you can run and look in the mirror, or grab your smart phone – but be sure to visit the freebie page at https://irigenics.com/project/freebies/ to take your eye-selfie now so you can compare.

Keep in mind, we are assuming with each of these eye patterns that they are living their true personality – sometimes people make some shifts in their early years and that’s when relationships get more complicated.In the case of the Maverick eye, If they’ve got 30% fiber openings and 70% freckles, then they are looking for someone who has 70% fiber openings and 30% freckles…

The Maverick

  • This eye is characterized by primarily open flower-like fibers (lacuna) together with brown freckles
  • Several brownish freckles and several open fibers.
  • A little more expansive. It would be difficult to know where the ANW is – (introverted? extroverted? ambivert?) – Yes.
  • Sometimes can have some ring of compassion – the lights at the edge of the eye or a dark halo (sometimes signaling exhaustion)
  • Personality can be very creative – and very emotional – or very analytical and driven (this eye screams “Change!!” Shake everything up and let’s see what we get)
  • Ability to change personalities to suit the mood
  • Great CEO’s, creators, inventors… not great at wearing a uniform, going to the same job doing the same tasks every day.

If the eye above is looking for the wildly passionate relationship, they could go with an eye pattern that is similar to their own, but chances are it would just wear them out…the constant competition could be exhaustive.

Two Maverick’s together?  On the positive – this eye pattern match is:

The Maverick in Gold

  • Going to feed both of their needs to be seen and heard
  • A battery charge — bring out their inner passions – activates their energy…perhaps too much
  • Going to bring a more physical aspect to their relationship – be that dancing, sexual, or just more physical activity
  • If they are truly in sync, when the one is leaning towards the creative and emotional, the other may be in more the thinking and analytical mode. Their could get their energy levels in sync so they are both up at the same time and both calmer at the same time… In that setting, they would be pure magic together.

On the other hand:

  • They want to be careful they don’t get energized to the point of being exhausted – they might need to take a break now and again (This would be a terrible pairing if either person has tendencies towards jealousy).
  • Both of these individuals can run the full gamut from introvert to extrovert and everything in between so getting their energy level into balance as a couple will be important for them.
  • When passion is fired up it can be really great – or really fiery – If they get into a fight it could be quite explosive
  • These two could get to be very competitive with each other – While it would be fun to be out for a run and racing each other, having a work-life balance would be crucial for them.

For both of the above eyes – they can have a tendency to want to be mad when they want to be mad – or sad when they want to be sad so because they both have the wiry fiber and openings – so they can get on an emotional “strike” or both get on a brainiac “I’m in my head right now moment”. The thing I like about the pairing above is that they can have a great understanding of each other … because they are the same; so if they can see themselves in the other, this can be a beautiful pairing.

The pragmatic

Strong deep love – the quieter relationship:

  • Still a thinking type (because it’s a brown eye – the thinking/analytical pattern shows up as tighter fiber – radii solaris)
  • This eye pattern is a little quieter disposition – this would be the great supporter to the CEO. Not that this eye can’t be fiery – this eye can be hugely resilient – This is the eye that would take a bullet for you or hold out and never give up the secret.
  • This eye has the achievement rings which could help our maverick stay focused rather than jumping from one thing to the next.
  • They are likely to bring out a thoughtful aspect in each other – together, they could achieve great philanthropical goals.
  • The deeper color, texture, and pattern of this eye is more likely to keep our Maverick eye a bit calmer and steadier – they would be the rock in their life, and the Maverick eye pattern would appreciate that, while this eye would appreciate the vibrant nature of the Maverick.

On the flip side… the Maverick might not want to be reigned in. They might not want to make a to-do list, but live much more irreverently. The Maverick individual will often ignore their body – suddenly seeing a bruise or realizing they have a nosebleed without remembering anything about how it happened.

While they are both likely to be visionary, they would go about pursuing their visions by very different means and that could be problematic if their visions clash, especially if they both want it their way. Also, the brown eye can have a bit more tendency to “suffer in silence” and so it would be critical that they learn early in this relationship to share their thoughts and feelings… and personal needs in a relationship with the Maverick. 

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Coming up? What happens when people are not living their true eye pattern? Things get complicated… as we continue this month’s series of “Who were you born to love?” at Irigenics.com

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