Do you find yourself checking the room? Is everybody safe? Is everybody here? Then you may have developed a bit of “Hairball.” No, I’m not talking about what the cat yakked up, but a pattern that develops either early in life, or over the course of many years that has a very distinctive pattern and grayish halo if left unchecked.

Unfortunately, this pattern comes with a whole lot of internal mind chatter. The individuals with this pattern also tend to run conversations through their mind over and over again – before and after. This is a pattern that takes a lot of energy, and demonstrates a person who is living in survival mode. In other words, this is one of those patterns that are not inherent, but that we develop over time.

Once you have a macro photo of your eye, hairball is very easy to spot:

  • Fine red lines going from the sclera right up to the iris (Colored part of the eye)
  • Sometimes the red lines go right into the colored area
  • The area surrounding the iris (at the edge of the white sclera can have a grayish halo, representing exhaustion.
  • This pattern is independent of eye-color, presence of other rings, or energetic dynamics.

You can run and take a look in the mirror now; or you can visit to get the free download “3 Steps to Taking an Awesome Eye-Selfie” to take a closer look at your eyes.

The true essence of the individual with the “Hairball” pattern is they are trying to keep everyone safe. They are checking the room for an exit door, a fire extinguisher, a carbon monoxide alarm. They are that nurturing parent who is checking if the room temperature is okay for everyone, if anyone is hungry or thirsty, or missing. They are the teacher, who is perpetually scanning the room for that abused child who can’t tell. They are the nurse or nurse’s aid scanning for that stroke victim who can’t tell you what he or she needs. These are the protectors, even if they are only trying to protect themselves.

The challenging side of this is, it is totally at the expense of the individual of the pattern. Their mind is running 100 miles per hour, at expense to their cells, their body, and their spirit. These people are almost never actually in their bodies. If we consider for a moment that we are a soul – a spirit that is animating a physical body, then our spirit, soul, or energy is out scanning the room; checking everything and everyone. While your energy is “out there”, who is inside caring, nurturing, and protecting home base? Science will tell you that while we are operating in survival or “crisis” certain body functions shut down. That is to devote all available energy to staying alive. This is not a good pattern to be living in on a daily basis.

You can tell me all day long that your eyes are red because you’ve been on the computer too much, in the sun, in the chlorinated pool, or just overtired from work, but the fact is, hairball is there because you are not feeling safe in your environment.

Unfortunately, hairball can be present in teenagers as we see here at the right.  In fact, hairball is present in teenagers a lot! This is very concerning to me and part of why January has been devoted to covering the energy patterns of the Psychic’s and the Sensitive’s. It’s very stressful on the body and system to have all of your energy out scattered around the room. Imagine, it’s like having an “Out of body “experience all day long.

If you consider that “out of body” experiences typically only happen if we are near-to-death, due to an accident or body trauma that forces our soul out of our body; you can imagine the stress level of an out-of-body experience happening because our mind, heart, spirit, soul believe they need to be out there checking things out, instead of staying at home in our body on a daily basis.

Not to be too woo-woo, but let’s also imagine that if you are energetically busy “out there” checking the room, who is really at home keeping you safe from other entities or energetics from getting into your system? The answer is, nobody, least of all you… and you need to be home, keeping your energy clear and safe from other people or entities that are toxic, fractured, frazzled, or frenetic. Trust me, if you have this pattern you have enough scattered energy, without picking up anyone else’s!

Hairball happens when you are running in full survival mode. Never mind being chased by a lion or confronting a cobra; this happens when people simply don’t feel safe at home in their body, for whatever reason. It can happen after physical or emotional trauma. It can happen with something as simple as being adopted and the body knows it has been separated from its genetic line and is out looking for signs of genetic-family threads. It can happen when working a high pressured job, or feeling the pressure of parenting. In short, there are a million reasons for hairball.

The bottom line is, if you have hairball, you need to do some work on calming your senses, slowing down and breathing, and grounding. Just like the exercise of breathing out through your eyes or through your ears, (    you are about to have a strange experience in asking yourself this question. “Am I in my body?”

Go ahead. Go someplace by yourself, sit down, take a deep breath and ask, “Am I in my body?” Quite possibly, you will be surprised to feel the answer, “No.” and then think, “Now what?” Just like in the blogs on psychic and intuitive eye patterns, have a seat somewhere. Take a deep breath and close your eyes and feel your body for a moment. Feel the air going in and out of your lungs and how that inflates your diaphragm and chest. Feel the texture of your clothes and whatever you are sitting on.

Take a large breath and imagine it going out to your fingertips and toe-tips, inflating your entire body. Hold it for a moment and then exhale it. Imagine taking a long, skinny breath, filling your body from the very top crown chakra (top of your head and hair, or scalp) and all the way down and through your arms, hands, legs, and feet to your toes; filling all of it it with breath. You can imagine these exercises with colored breath.

If the picture of your eyes reveals that dark gray halo or fine red fibrous threading going on, you need to do these exercises at least three times a day.


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