Do people tell you that you are psychic? Do you seem to have an “inner-knowing” before, during, and after things happen? There are many ways to tap our Sixth Sense, and the texture and patterns in our eyes can tell us a lot about what our psychic gifts are and how to use them. You can assume you are psychic if you can say yes to the following:

If you can feel if something bad has happened in a room as soon as you walk in  

If you know when someone is lying

If you get images in your mind of people and things you don’t recognize

If you have a “knowing” when something good or bad is about to happen

If you feel things you can’t see, such as someone sitting on your bed

Indeed there are thousands of ways to experience your psychic gifts. The very nature of your psychic gifts shows up in your eyes. Visit to get your free download of “3 Steps to take an awesome eye-selfie” (in order to get a photo of your own psychic eye-patterns) as we explore psychic-eyes in January.

January is Psychic Energy Month at Irigenics and we will be discussing all the ways psychic energy shows up in your eyes and more! Develop personal tools to understand the dynamics of your psychic gifts.

While this article explores the Psychic Eye, Other articles will explore:

  • The Intuitive,
  • The compassionate,
  • The sense-ual,
  • The tribal,
  • The psychic brown eye,
  • The chameleon, and more…

The eye, which is photographed to the right, (as well as the one above) have light, white fibers reaching out to the world to bring them information. The whiter the fibers, the more compulsive their personality will be. Jumping about from one career to the next or one idea to the next. These people are fun! They are that fun psychic, because they are playing in the universe and enjoying having the insider’s edge. Don’t bother trying to lie to these people; they will know.

In some cases, genetic lines have become highly intuitive because their home environment wasn’t necessarily trustworthy. People changed. Family members may have moved in or out, or died, or just plain disappeared. No matter what the root cause, these people have learned to develop an ability to “know” what’s going on, in part, because the people in charge weren’t telling them the whole story and so they developed their ability to go out to get their own information (within their mind). Your ancestor’s development of this skill has become your inherent gift.

For those of you who “Are” this person… use caution in withholding truths from your children or telling them a nice story or little white lie to cover any issues going on at home. Keep in mind that your children inherit your genetics and your abilities. If you try to hide things from them, or tell a little white-lie story (because they are too young to understand), they already know, and they won’t be able to reconcile the truth (that their very being “knows”) from what you are telling them. They will just know that something is wrong. That something doesn’t feel right. As they grow up, they may resent the lies and the disharmony it has created for them.

The challenge to being super-psychic is two-fold. One issue is whether or not you’ve been asked to read the people around you, or are you being a bit of a psychic-thief, plucking very personal information about their lives out of the air? What is your intention in reading other people? Is it to be the one who knows? Is it to get the insider’s edge? Or did someone recognize that you’re quite psychic and has asked you to share?

Another is, that while you’re out checking out the room, and your personal energy is running all over the place, it is not home in your heart and in your body.

If you feel you have strong psychic ability, try this exercise. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Hold the breath for a moment and try to describe the feeling to yourself of what it is like to be in your own body. To truly be in your body, feeling your heart, your breath, your feet, and your hair. While you are trying to find the words to describe what it’s like to be your soul, living within your body, engage your brain for a moment to ask, “How long has it been since I was truly here, in my body, experiencing myself?”

You will likely be surprised to realize that it’s very seldom that you are truly in your body, experiencing you. Experiencing the wholeness of you. As a gifted psychic individual it will be important that you make this daily check-in at least once a day; and twice or more would be even better.

It will also be important, as waves of moods come over you, to ask yourself, “Is this mine?” Psychic individuals typically have a pretty happy demeanor, so if you’re feeling grouchy, punk, or irritable, you may have picked up someone else’s feelings – literally. While you’ve been absorbing the world around you and some of the subtle frequencies of the universe, you have most likely also picked up the latest cell phone conversation or “text-rant” that was moving through the air you were reading, by accident.

Always take a few cleansing breaths before bedtime to rid yourself of all the outside thoughts and energetics that have seeped into your system. Don’t ever leave your psychic channel open 24-7. Make a ritual of turning it on and turning it off, so that you become the one in control of your environment, rather than letting it take over you and your world.

Before “reading” anyone, check in with your intention?

  • Why are you seeking information that is not readily available?
  • What is the source that you are getting the information from?
  • Have you made a small prayer before putting your feelers out?
  • Have you asked Divine Source to guide the information coming to you to be in the highest good of all?

If you have psychic children, always be honest with them. Usually a brief but truthful answer will suffice. Talk with them directly about their ability to use their sixth sense and what is the right use of it? How do they stay safe, and at home in their body? How do they deal with some of the strange images and feelings that come to them when they are around certain people? What are they experiencing? It’s very important you know what’s going on in their world. We’ll cover more of this in the “Compassionate Eye” and the “Intuitive Eye” but some kids are literally plagued by impressions from other dimensions, or other people’s experiences and it’s creating a bit of havoc in their life.

Whatever you do, encourage them to listen to their body and recognize their feelings. Teaching kids that what they see, feel, and sense is wrong or just their imagination, is a disservice to them. Some of them have some incredibly powerful sensing centers and need adult guidance on how to channel and live with that energy. I have seen entirely too many kids get involved in self-destructive behaviors because they can’t handle what their natural intuition is telling them, including things that will seem entirely imaginary, such as seeing ghosts and entities around them. I’ve seen kids pick up suicidal thoughts from their friends, that aren’t their own, and they don’t know how to identify what’s theirs compared to others.

We will be covering the other styles of psychic gifts and energy that show up in the eyes over the course of January and you can learn many more tools of how to protect yourself in an energetic environment. Next blog will be Hair ball – the overworked psychic eye. Visit or my posts on and at

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