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The Eyes of Love

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us and it's time to take a good look at how love shows up in the eyes. Could it be possible to find our soulmate by comparing our iris patterns? Jim Verghis, author of Behavioral Iridology would certainly say yes to that! While...

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Do you find yourself checking the room? Is everybody safe? Is everybody here? Then you may have developed a bit of "Hairball." No, I'm not talking about what the cat yakked up, but a pattern that develops either early in life, or over the course of many years that has...

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The Paranormal

Do you see things from the corner of your eye? Or people who aren’t really there? Or other unusual experiences you can’t explain? You may have the eye pattern that experiences paranormal (and other dimensional) energies. Keep in mind that paranormal simply means, "of...

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