Do you ever feel a bit sick at school or work but as soon as you get out of there, you feel fine? Do people ever accuse you of being a hypochondriac? These are the first signs of being born with the eyes of a Compassionate. They have an intense need for harmony in their environment, because they are super-sympathetic to the body-condition and energy levels of the people around them. The good news is, there are lots of tools for them to work with.

Typically, the characteristics of the Compassionate Eye include:

  • Appearance of light colored spots around the edge of your eye (they look like lights)
  • They can form a ring, or they can be scattered.
  • If you just have a few, your pattern is little more complex and we’ll cover that in a later blog on ancestral patterns
  • In most eyes, you can’t see this pattern with the naked eye (but it’s very apparent in a macro-photo)
  • Yes, a person can be psychic, intuitive, and compassionate (and that will impact the iris appearance)

Now you can run to the mirror; or you can visit to get the free download “3 Steps to Taking an Awesome Eye-Selfie” to take a closer look at your eyes.

While one might not necessarily call the compassionate eye, “psychic;” it is another of the energetic ways that people access their sixth sense – being able to feel the invisible energies and entities around them. The second baby to start crying in church, is the one living with the compassionate energy pattern. Imagine what it’s like to be that little baby that feels everything that everyone else is physically feeling. It’s a very uncomfortable place to be; especially if they’re around people who aren’t feeling well, or who are angry or intense. Even as adults, when someone around them is crying, their stomach knots up, their cells go into hyper-warp and they are right there, down in the crying pool with the other person…or the television show.

People can even be happy-intense – Those people who come running up to you and say, “Smile!!” most likely have the Compassionate Eye pattern. If it annoys you; you don’t.

The compassionate eye pattern soon learns the gift of trying to make everyone happy: a person who is running about their day trying to help everyone. They need (literally) other people to feel happy so they feel better. These people are pure magic in any of the “happy” businesses. Putting on children’s birthday parties, magicians, theaters and arts, any place that they can make people happy. They are also exceptional working with animals.

The Compassionate literally internalizes other people’s energy and feels it as if it is their own, coming up with the latest symptom-of-the-week; and it can turn into a real sickness if they don’t learn to use a bit of caution. While they can be phenomenal counselors, nurses, or doctors, they should avoid those vocations until they learn how to recognize their own feelings compared to others, and how to manage their sensitive energy.

These are genuinely helpful people, wanting everyone to feel god (because everyone includes themselves). They can do very well in careers that involve physical movement, dance, health fitness and training. They have an incredible gift of “feeling” what the other person needs for a custom fitness program, and they need to move their own bodies more than most people.

If the Intuitive Eye was Sponge-Bob; the Compassionate Eye is Super-Sponge and needs to brush out, shake out, breathe out, and energize-out other people’s energies from their own.

They can have amazing results with body brushing. They can get a good body-brush for about $10-$20 and make it a daily practice in the shower to brush their body. There are two rules of thumb: One is to brush away from the heart towards the fingers and toes. If they can do that while imagining cleansing other people’s energy away from themselves, they could follow with second method; brushing upwards towards the heart, imagining their best lifestyle. This would be excellent to do at bedtime, cleansing away the day, the mail, the email, and the news.

The compassionate gets to use every tool of energy balancing, the ones that were covered in and

Trying every angle imaginable to keep the other person feeling good so they can feel good; when they finally realize
they can’t make the other person happy, they can become quite a martyr, saying “I did this for you! – I was just trying to help!”  They have an opportunity to realize that they really did it for themselves, they did it with the expectation that their action or words would make the other person feel good, so that they could feel good. If they don’t learn to balance their own energy, and loosen up their tendency to hold back their needs and their words in the interest of keeping the other people happy; they can become passive-aggressive.

Before the person with a compassionate eye speaks or acts on someone else’s behalf, they have an opportunity to take a deep breath and consider why they are about to intervene on someone’s behalf…. Let’s face it, we ALL want people around us to be healthy and to feel better, but if we are feeling truly well and fulfilled on our own we can release our attachment to the other person’s well-being. Open up those communication channels and speak your needs gently but with respect that you are both here on this human journey, interacting with each other and we each have our own roads to walk and our internal garden of peace to tend to.

If you’re a parent, teach your kids to recognize and value their own energy and how to keep it healthy and clear. Don’t avoid real medical care. but it will be much easier for you and your child if you can teach them, at the first sign of a symptom, to take a deep breath and check in if it’s their own headache or stomach ache. Teach them to do the breathing exercises (from the psychic and intuitive eye blogs) in the bathroom – to breathe out some of the energies in their environment. Kids who are daycare or elementary school will think it’s cool (or silly) but it certainly won’t hurt anything and it will be refreshing for you when they say, “Hey Mommy or Daddy – I felt like I was getting a little sick in my tummy and then I did the breathing game, and it went away.” Then you’ll know, when they come with a real symptom – that it’s real.

Next up? The Tribal Eye – the pulse of the nations!

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