Do you ever feel a disturbance in the force? Do you ever feel like …something’s coming Do you ever feel enraged, and can’t figure out why? “Woke up on the wrong side of your life” kind of moment? Welcome to the Tribal energy pattern.

Individuals with the tribal eye pattern literally feel the pulse of the people …` the pulse of the earth. This is a beautiful and strong eye pattern, that usually has some ancestral markings and can carry a good share of drama, until it is balanced.

Threaded to the lives of the others in their tribe; (whether that be genetic family, friends, sports team mates, or the greater of humanity and the world), these individuals have an internal cellular system that picks up the force and velocity of other people’s emotions, feeling like they are their very own. While the Compassionate energy pattern will pick up a person or two, the tribal pattern will pick up the trees, the elephants, the skies, and an entire community. 

You can see where this could become very complicated in an environment where suicide, self-destructive behaviors, and addictions can, unfortunately, be a daily occurrence. This is part of why Irigenics is so committed to working with young people to teach them skills to identify, and balance their own energy dynamics.

The pattern of the tribal eye is beautiful…

  • solid and velvety or earthy
  • May or may not have rings
  • Usually has an ancestral mark (like this eye has at 8:00 – the small dark rectangular freckle)
  • Usually is difficult to see that “squiggly” line (ANW) as one of the major indications of “the squiggly line” is a separation between self and others.
  • Usually seen in browns, golds, and greens (can be seen in blue – but may have a different appearance)
  • Can exist with other patterns and rings, giving more depth to the complexity of the individual.

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Let’s consider the start of the tribal eye. Years ago, people lived in an environment where they often couldn’t see or communicate with others. Being able to communicate at a vibrational (some could call it telepathic level) was a means of survival; as was raw intuition. You had to be able to “feel” when a storm was coming, when an enemy was approaching, and “when a family member or loved one was in danger.” Life itself depended on this.

As life on earth has evolved, we now have a lot of ways of communicating without the need for this deep internal thread. Though, one day, the tribalist’s could be the meek who inherit the earth, if technology were to disappear.

Having said that, let’s get back to the energy pattern and how to work with others. This pattern, as much or more than any other needs to breathe, breathe, breathe. They need to be able to go into their own heart-space and

ask the question, “Is this mine? Am I doing this action for myself? Or am I picking up someone else’s addiction, somebody else’s anger? Having a personal tribe is also vital for these individuals. They need their ‘peeps’ and they need them around them.When these individuals feel like they can’t “feel” or “Read” their tribal members, it gives them as much internal, cellular panic as a mother who realizes her child is no longer with her in a shopping mall. In this day and age  it’s easy to get scattered, and lose the feeling of your tribe as you are battered to and fro by frenetic energy and frequency in the air,

It goes without saying that a healthy team is best! Never was there an eye pattern that was more reliant on making good choices in their personal tribe. They need people who are healthy and supportive around them.

Living as an individual with the tribal eye pattern, emotions can run from gentle and loving like the soft waves of a lake on the shore to the high anxiety that happens in a riot or mob, that has been let loose at a sporting event or political rally. Tribal’s can feel an utter and entire rage within themselves, without any way of identifying why they feel that way. They can’t identify it because it isn’t there’s – they’ve picked up and emotion, like the rest of us might pick up a flu bug.

If you have the tribal energy pattern, have a daily practice of meditation to ground yourself, and get comfortable with your own energy, compared to the energy of others, or the earth. Any time you feel a disturbance, especially anger, depression, rage, or aggression:

  • Stop yourself for a moment,
  • Get present – take a few deep breaths
  • Ask yourself, “Is this mine? why am I feeling this level of anxious or aggressive emotion? Is there anything happening to me right now?
  • “Why am I so sad? Do I have something to feel sad about?”

If not, take a moment to ask where the energy is coming from and if there is any part of it that you can shift.

Use the tools you have learned in the earlier blogs for people who are energetically sensitive.

Keep escapisms that can become self-destructive or addictive to a minimum. Indulging in too much alcohol or drugs leaves you very susceptible to some high strung energies; even more-so than other people.

Parents, teach your kids at a young age to recognize their own energy and how to stop, breathe, re-center, and then question the energy. Learning these tools until they become  personal muscle-memory could save their life as they go through the challenging teen years. Help your child identify whose energy they are picking up, so that when it happens, they can pick up the phone and call, or Skype, or send a note to their tribe saying, “Hey, I’m okay. You okay?” in their own private, tribal language of course.

If your child feels like it’s something much larger than a tribe of friends where they are picking up energy, help them put a label to it – the ocean, the trees, the polar bears, (Earth) and help them develop some positive-impacts that they can do to be of service to their tribe, rather than feeling disempowered and angry.

If your child comes up with (what you consider to be) some crazy story about dreams or dragons, or drawing weird symbols; before you shut it down or tease them about it, just ask? Ask questions as if you were another child their age. “Huh – that’s different, or that’s cool, or that’s unique… What is it?” and ask more questions that will help you identify what they are picking up from the universe.

It’s very very common for those with the tribal eye to pick up other dimensional information, that can range as far as lost languages, ancient symbols, connection with other dimensions, and more. Again, this can become a dramatic pattern if it’s left loose without tools to identify, protect, and balance.

The tribal eye is a beautiful and unique gift from the one who feels the pulse of the universe. If we can just help them to grow up to be well-adjusted adults, they can bring amazing, amazing gifts to humanity.

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