All Ancestral Eye Reading (Includes My-Eye-Mag and Mini Me!)


Discover the amazing world of “you” with The All Ancestral Eye Reading, which includes a virtual Mini me Dedicated Ancestral Video and “My-Eye-Mag;” which is a custom digital download eye report of your eye magnified (on the cover and within the pages).

First, the Mini-Me Irigenics dedicated video ancestral eye reading is crafted just for you on Loom. The average video is 35 – 45 minutes, and can be downloaded to keep forever. It covers the the main and most integral ancestral, energetic, and personality aspects of your eyes – your gifts, talents, and touch-points to your ancestors. Discover who you were born to become and get a look at your amazing energetic impressions and ancestral images with this dedicated on-line video!

“My-Eye Mag,” is a custom, 36-page look into the amazing world of you and your ancestors, where you gain:

  •  glimpses into the personality and inherent gifts you were born with,
  • what life has added to those gifts that build your story,
  • how your ancestors life-stories have shown up in your experiences
  • What is your best life path, work-environment, and lifestyle that embraces the wholeness of you
  • Insights on how the Irigenics eye readings are done
  • How other eyes compare to yours

Discover new ways to discover your ancestors, their greatest gifts and past traumas and how they show up in your life. It’s a whole new world in the world of Irigenics Ancestral Eye Readings.

With the new My-Eye-Mag, you won’t just learn all about you, you will see comparative photos and information of what sets you apart from others, as well as how you ancestors show up in your iris imprints, and how the readings are done. Discover this amazing new way to discover yourself, and your ancestral threads. Order your custom copy today using macro digital photographs of your eyes (which you provide).

Please note, unless you have had your eye photos taken by Irigenics, you will need to submit two high-quality (300 dpi) photographs of your eyes in order to create the custom-articles and cover for your My Eye-Mag and Mini-me dedicated Ancestral Eye Reading Video. Please contact for more information or to pre-order your copy today. This product is a downloadable digital PDF report that can be printed like a magazine and downloadable digital video.

Please note that Irigenics Ancestral Eye Readings are for Entertainment and ancestral exploration only. If you have a medical or mental health concern, please seek a licensed professional.


Now Available, All Ancestral Eye Reading, including My Eye-Mag
A custom-magnified look at your ancestral treasure map and Mini-me Dedicated virtual video reading.
Order your custom report today


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