Purchase the full series of the Ancestors within (Four volumes and 2 Journals)

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Get the full series of the Ancestors Within (Four bestselling volumes and internationally acclaimed The Ancestors Within Journal’s)

Your ancestors have waited your whole lives for this Moment! … and your next!



Dive into the amazing world of your ancestors and ancestral connection. All four books of this series have been Amazon #1 bestsellers! Each book is an anthology of 25 stories, brought from author-experts in ancestral connection and each chapter includes a tool and an online resource for you to explore, engage, and enhance your ability to have interactive ancestral experiences.

Volume 1 – Reveal & Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry (helps you to recognize ancestral repeat patterns and how they show up in your daily life). Whether you are adopted and no nothing about your family, or have your family history back hundreds of years, this book is for you.

Volume 2 – Discover & Connect With Your Ancient Origins (Discover unique ways to connect with your ancestors, through visualizations, meditations, ancestral memorial spaces in your home, and nature based activities).

Volume 3 – Recognize & Embrace the Gifts of Your Origins. (Guides you through a number of nature based activities, artisan abilities, channeled art exercises and more). This book actually includes a bonus chapter of one of the authors channeling her deceased mother, who explains what it is like to connect with family from the other side.

Volume 4 – Celebrate & Honor Your Sacred Origins — from dreamwork to the family table and sensory experiences of your ancestors – volume four guides you through intimate and unique ways to get to know your ancestors

Journal 1: A Family Keepsake & Companion Guide — Sit down each week and discuss the journal prompt or ancestral activity – all can be done individually or as a family and then come back together the next week to journal about the experience and hand this book down the generations as a family heirloom. Winner of the 2021 International COVR award in Journals and Anthologies — this book is recognized around our world as an all new way to experience our ancestors. These 52 prompts are created from the chapters of volumes 1 and 2 with 52 prompts from our authors and artists covering repeat patterns, ancestral healing, unique ways to connect and even what to do with that ancestor we aren’t so fond of..

Journal 2: A 52-week Family Activity Guide and Keepsake – This journal tells you exactly what it is. The cover was hand tooled by author-expert Don Donaldson from Volume 4. and he teaches us how to create our own leather journal cover. This paperback edition (and kindle) covers 52 prompts from Volumes 3 and 4 and thus focuses on activities for gifts, talents, intentions, celebrating and honoring our ancestors and our legacy!

We are on a mission to change the way the world experiences its ancestors!!

Your ancestors have waited your whole lives for this Moment! … and your next!

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