Do you see things from the corner of your eye? Or people who aren’t really there? Or other unusual experiences you can’t explain? You may have the eye pattern that experiences paranormal (and other dimensional) energies.

Keep in mind that paranormal simply means, “of or relating to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation.” In short … Any event that science can’t explain yet.

This could mean seeing individuals who have died, though they look just like any other person going about their day; or feeling a spot of ice cold air in a perfectly warm room, or even seeing energy as a color or sound. Some even see sounds as color or vibration. Because there are a number of paranormal experiences, this pattern can imprint in a number of ways in the eye.

The paranormal eye pattern can include the psychic or intuitive rings, but primarily:

  • It has a lot of fiber, (white fibrous strings, flowing out from the pupil like to the left here)
  • Can have a snowflake type fibrous texture
  • In a brown eye, it may show up as a pattern that looks like leaves
  • Usually will have some sign of “Hairball” (see the February first blog)

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The paranormal eye is a tricky energetic pattern for kids who are naturally curious. They will often experience or see things that they may or may not recognize as strange, such as seeing a woman walking into the bathroom at home (when there isn’t actually anyone there). If your child starts talking about people who aren’t there, ask them specifics to determine if they have seen something that is invisible to you, rather than saying it’s impossible, or just their imagination. Keep in mind, just because you personally haven’t experienced some version of paranormal, doesn’t mean your child hasn’t… and not all entities are safe.

Being the parent of a child with the paranormal eye pattern can be challenging. Imagine being Danny Doc’s parents in The Shining, (Jack and Wendy Torrance), trying to explain to their son why he sees blood or the twins in the hallway…. Many children today have a different means of receiving and perceiving information, which can include seeing entities that appear, that others do not see at all.

If this happens to your child, it’s again an opportunity to first exercise curiosity, in order to investigate. To shut the child down, saying something like, “That’s the devil! or Oh – that’s your imagination! or that’s impossible!” will not give them any skills for dealing with what they are seeing. If you want to develop an open relationship where your child will share their experiences with you openly, (especially when something strange happens) it’s best to simply ask a lot of questions without judgment to determine how to best help them develop an ability to recognize what’s physically here, compared to what’s energetically here.

If you live around a person with the paranormal eye pattern, you may find yourself saying, “That’s not possible,” or “They made that up.” In fact, these people live in a different reality than most. Consider for a moment, trying to explain a color to a person who has been blind from birth. While the color is completely real, it’s difficult to explain to someone who has never experienced it. That’s how it is for those who have experienced paranormal events.

The paranormal eye can show up as a velvety texture with leaf-like patterns in a brown eye.  The people with this eye pattern can be natural inventors, able to see new patterns and ways of doing things. Even though they are natural masterminds, they sometimes do not develop the brown freckles or spots in their eyes. They are usually great creators of new systems and designs; the natural imagineer, and not only think outside of the box, they think outside of this world. That’s one of the beauties of being able to experience other dimensions.

Even though the paranormal eye pattern is apparent at birth, they often develop hairball and/or a ring of exhaustion. Watch for the blog on Hairball coming up the first week in February. While this exhaustion pattern can happen later in life, I’ve even seen it in young teenagers. This comes from a tendency to “check the room” for safety, from a young age.

Who wouldn’t? Even if your paranormal experience wasn’t as dramatic as Danny Doc’s or Cole Sear’s (from The Sixth Sense), any early-life paranormal experience is bound to give you a fear of what could show up next. If you or your loved one live with a paranormal eye pattern, use the tools we have discussed in the earlier blogs from the month of January’s series on “The Psychic’s and Sensitive’s”:

Learn to recognize your particular energetic pattern of experiencing other dimensions. If you are one of those people who experiences other entities/dimensions, it will be important that you keep your energy and your environment positive and in the light. Make a daily practice of prayer or meditation and clearing your energy with breathing and grounding exercises.

It’s like that old adage, “Don’t dig ‘til you know what’s down there” – you could unwittingly open yourself to a whole host of experiences that could be unpleasant at best. Like Cole Sear in the movie, The Sixth Sense, until you learn to manage your energy and your ability to experience other dimensions, you are more susceptible to experiences that could become harmful. Stay away from black magic, Ouija Boards, and the like!

Next up? “Hairball” – the overworked psychic or sensitive eye!



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