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Her grandmother’s last words had cautioned her, “Hold the visions close to your heart, like a great secret. Not everyone will understand your gift.”

She couldn’t imagine those visions, messages, and memories would hold the keys to a long-ago forgotten room within the pyramid of El Castillo.

A chance invitation to a weekend wedding at an all-inclusive resort, takes a surreal twist when Maddie Clare suddenly finds herself thrust into the middle of the Illumination Station, in the land of Maya mystery.

The Lost Scribe will take you on the journey of a lifetime, unraveling the clues of ancient worlds, forgotten artifacts, and how the universe holds all secrets within her memory banks, including the answer to the age-old question, “Why am I here?”

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Authors Note

When I received the following message, the first Maddie Clare Owens book, “The Lost Scribe,” had already been written in my mind. Many of the experiences woven into these pages had already occurred, and the messages had already been received, written, and dated.

 “Find the frequency, Dear One. Find it, hold it, recognize it, love it, and stabilize it so you can hold it for longer and longer periods of time. Come to a space where you yearn and ache to reach the octave—can hardly wait to reach the octave—each day. Then your gifts will truly flower. This is your goal, your Destiny.” ~ Melchizedek, October 6, 2014

That same year, my channeling referenced an undiscovered tomb within a pyramid, but I did not share that information with the world. I simply could not fathom that the messages could be real.

Repeatedly, I was called to share the messages with the world, and by 2016, I was actively seeking a sacred location and a sacred symbol for this first story. That’s when I accepted a chance invitation to a friend’s wedding in Cancun. On that trip, many things came together, as you will read in these pages. As I approached the great pyramid of El Castillo, the familiarity of the barred door (which I had seen in earlier visions) was undeniable. The location for the story was chosen for me by the Universe.

Not long after that trip, the chamber within El Castillo was discovered. If I had shared that knowledge when I received it—in 2014, if I had not resisted the writing of this book…the premonitory nature of the visions would have been virtually undeniable. I take all of that as a little spanking from the Universe to publish my books on time.

4 reviews for The Lost Scribe Autographed

  1. admin (verified owner)

    Love this book – the weave of mysteries and messages was fabulous and the fact that it takes place somewhere I can go on vacation? That just seals the deal for me. Fabulous book! Can’t wait for the next one in the MCO series!!

  2. Jvgt10

    This was an exceptional book. It was well written and very easy to read. I especially liked the way the author used the internal dialogue. I can see this book becoming a movie

  3. Txjb0

    Loved this book. It was very well written. It was an easy book to read although I did not want to put it down after starting it. I liked that there were fiction portions as well as actual real places. This is a must read.

  4. Michelle (verified owner)

    Fascinating. I began reading it and could not put it down and finished it in a couple of hours. I simply cannot wait to read the next books because you want to know more about the characters and where they are headed next. Some things in this book literally made me gasp put loud because they run parallel to concepts that I am learning about in other areas of my life. Amy always puts so much of herself into her work and the results are amazing and exciting to read.

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