Autographed, Six Years in Mozambique; Things I Haven’t Told Mom


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With its sweeping honesty, “Six Years in Mozambique” is the portrayal of an every day life turned extraordinary when a purposeful heart overcomes. This is the story of change — the change that happens to you and because of you. Feeling a pulse on every page, it is the heartbeat of determination that tells the story of where real life meets the world according to Africa.

Also available on Amazon:  With $150 and the belief that all children should be given the skills to keep themselves and their loved ones alive, Amy Gillespie set out for Mozambique to meet the Goliath who had whispered to her in the night, “Come find me.”

She could not have imagined all she would witness and experience on her journey… beauty, inspiration, humor; as well as corruption, unimaginable suffering, and shadowy threats from unlikely sources.

Six Years in Mozambique explores one woman’s experience of the gritty reality of aid work, sexuality, and spirituality in Sub-Saharan Africa. It takes a raw look at what it’s like to be a single woman, on the edge of forty years of age, setting off to chase down Goliath, fully certain of success; and how that incredible journey led her to universal truths and surrender.


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