The Ancestors Within, Book 4: Celebrate & Honor Your Sacred Origins


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This is the fourth of this four-book series!

While our first volume was about repeat ancestral patterns, and our second was all about unique ways to discover & connect with ancestors, especially if you didn’t know who they were (and none of us know our thousands of ancestors before us)… Volume 3 was all about our inherent gifts. Those amazing abilities, gifts, and even quirks that we are born with – how to discover them, recognize them and how to embrace them, and dive deeper into them. Book Four brings you all new ways to celebrate and honor your sacred origins, from the family dinner table, to recognizing the synchronicity of your ancestors input in your world today, and even how to have an interactive sensory experience with your ancestors.

Twenty-five authors came together to share their resources and tools with you, from plant essences to artistic connection, to accessing ancestral information through dream time and even how to write a love letter to your ancestors to gain missing links of information.. Celebrate & Honor your Ancestors by finding their lost intentions – that one last quilt they meant to stitch, that award they wanted to win.. that now can happen through you.

Your ancestors have waited your whole life for this moment!

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