Irigenics by Amy Gillespie

Magnifying your ancestral treasure map and the life you were born to live
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Get Certified as an Irigenics Ancestral Eye Reader...

Adding Ancestral eye reading and interpreting the iris patterns is a great gift to add to your already blossoming holistic work in self-discovery. Get to the right questions sooner with your clients.

  • What did your ancestors load you up with?
  • What are your inherent gifts, talents, and abilities, as well as the early life experiences which reveal where you have made a shift from your birth-pattern?
  • What is your energetic pattern and how do you interact intuitively with others?
  • Do you have any motivational rings and what do they do for you?
  • How do they challenge you?

Studying to become an Irigenics Practitioner can be one of the greatest investments in your self-discovery tool-box for your clients,  This self-study on-line training program can be completed in a week, including how to  get an awesome eye photograph that will not only wow your clients, but reveal many energetic impressions and even ancestral access points for them.  This training includes access to the Members-Only website and resources that will help you grow your business, gain more clients, be on the leading edge of the latest tool in self-discovery and ancestral research. Stand out from the crowd! If you are currently "one of many"... you are about to become The One... 

All Ancestral Eye Readings by Amy

You have three amazing options for getting to know your ancestors through your eyes:

My Eye-Mag where you discover the amazing world of “you” (winner of the Silver COVR award in 2019 - Visionary Product of the year). This is a custom digital download eye report of your eye magnified (on the cover and within the pages).  “My-Eye Mag,” is a custom, 36-page look into the amazing world of you, your eye, and your ancestors.  Discover new ways to uncover your ancestors greatest gifts and past traumas and how they show up in your life. It’s a whole new world in the world of Irigenics Ancestral Eye Readings. 

Mini-Me Dedicated Video: Contains the same amazing information as the My Eye Mag but is a digital video reading of you, your eyes, and your ancestors. If you are amazed by the images of people and symbols in your eyes, or if you struggle to see them, Mini-me is for you. Also great for teenagers and youngsters to learn more about their gifts, talents, and repeat patterns early in life.                     

All Ancestral Package" that includes a Mini-me dedicated video, as well as a full My-Eye-Mag 36-page digital PDF custom report of you, your eyes, and your ancestors.

You can learn to take your eye photos (like the My-Eye-Mag that won the COVR award) with this Youtube video "How to Take An Awesome Eye Photo

Group Event?

Ancestral eye reading is a fabulous new way to get a look at your eyes, your ancestors, and the life you were born to live. Whether you're in charge of the family reunion, upcoming civic event, or work with at-risk teens who are looking for a new "cool tool" to discover themselves, Irigenics Ancestral Eye Reading offers you a number of ways to host a transformational event or group program. With an ancestral eye reading you gain insights into:

  • The personality and inherent gifts you were born with,
  • What life has added to those gifts that builds "your story",
  • How your ancestors life-stories have shown up in your experiences
  • What is your best life path, work-environment, and lifestyle that embraces the wholeness of you
  • Insights on how the Irigenics eye readings are done
  • How to recognize your personal ancestral patterns that are available for healing and how they differ from your parents and siblings,
  • How other eyes compare to yours..  

Explore the amazing world of your ancestors and how they show up in your current life, today! 

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What People Are Saying

“Thank you so much Amy – great reading and so true.  You are totally amazing and I am in awe of what you can see in my eyes.

Can you see the reflection of a woman in my eyes? I believe it’s my great grandmother”



Oh, Wow – that’s my great-grandfather. He’s been on my mind… He’s the ancestor I feel the closest to and I was just past the place where he was killed last night. How did he show up in my eye?



Thanks so much! Meeting you and having our ancestral eye readings was definitely one of the highlights of being at INATS this year! You’re doing amazing work!
Annette & Lorri

INATS, Denver


Couple #3 in “Who Were You Born to Love?” The Maverick

Couple #3 in “Who Were You Born to Love?” The Maverick

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Couple #2 in “Who Were You Born to Love?” The Analytical Type

Couple #2 in “Who Were You Born to Love?” The Analytical Type

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Couple #1 in “Who Were You Born to Love?” The Connected Type

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The Eyes of Love

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us and it's time to take a good look at how love shows up in the eyes. Could it be possible to find our soulmate by comparing our iris patterns? Jim Verghis, author of Behavioral Iridology would certainly say yes to that! While...

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Do you find yourself checking the room? Is everybody safe? Is everybody here? Then you may have developed a bit of "Hairball." No, I'm not talking about what the cat yakked up, but a pattern that develops either early in life, or over the course of many years that has...

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The Paranormal

The Paranormal

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