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The Tribal Eye

Do you ever feel a disturbance in the force? Do you ever feel like ...something's coming Do you ever feel enraged, and can't figure out why? "Woke up on the wrong side of your life" kind of moment? Welcome to the Tribal energy pattern. Individuals with the tribal eye...

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The Compassionate

Do you ever feel a bit sick at school or work but as soon as you get out of there, you feel fine? Do people ever accuse you of being a hypochondriac? These are the first signs of being born with the eyes of a Compassionate. They have an intense need for harmony in...

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The Intuitive Eye

While psychic is an energy pattern we are born with, intuition is usually a survival pattern that is developed in the first few years of life. Intuition is sometimes developed in a home where people don’t speak openly, for whatever reason. It can also be developed...

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The Psychic Eye

Do people tell you that you are psychic? Do you seem to have an “inner-knowing” before, during, and after things happen? There are many ways to tap our Sixth Sense, and the texture and patterns in our eyes can tell us a lot about what our psychic gifts are...

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The Heart of Irigenics

Explaining Irigenics has never come easily to me. I’ve always said, “Let me give you a reading and you’ll see what it’s all about”. That’s not a very sustainable answer when hundreds of people want to know. Irigenics is really an ongoing study (as the information...

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Post 1, The Performer

Open fibers with a flowery or leaf-like pattern of openings like a string instrument. They are the "Performers" - they live to express in a myriad of ways. Their bodies are more rounded and their emotions can range from way up high to way down low. Auditory and...

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